Trading Mastery Workshop

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Traditional players have made the field of the stock market a mystery. And to solve this mystery, they charge hefty fees for their course, which is another mystery.Indians have been losing money in the market from decades as the hidden secrets have been kept away from them. We have been taught the wrong concepts and practices.It is one complete course through which I, Tarun Sharma, have tried to address every aspect of the stock market in an affordable way for every Indian

Live Online Classes for Stock Market 

Our vision is to make our client Independent traders by providing the most practical & simplified online stock market course from scratch. 📊

📚You will Master the below-mentioned topics In this workshop : 

▪Basics of Stock Market ▪Fundamental Analysis Basics
▪Types of Trading styles & Traders
▪Candlestick Patterns 📊
▪Indicators & Oscillators📈
▪Pivot Points strategy
▪NSE website analysis 📈
▪DEMAT account support
▪Multiple Entry & Exit Strategies
▪How to Select Profitable Stocks
▪9:50 & Eagle strategies
▪ 4 of my personal options strategy
▪3 of my personal equity trading hacks
▪Fibonacci strategies
▪Risk Management 🛡
▪Market Psychology
▪ Loss recovery Eagle Hack

▪ Options Mastery included


Things That You Need

☆ Pen & Notebook
☆ Laptop

By the end of the course, you will be able to trade daily and book profits in real-time. However, you will also face real-time challenges while trading, hence we have

➡ 3 month Mentorship
➡ 2 months Membership in student spl group

📍 Online 💸 Just 17,999 /- Trading with Tarun

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Trader Transformation workshop


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