Options Mastery Workshop

20,000.00 14,000.00

Stop Making losses and start Earning by learning my Power Pack Personal profit Making Options Trading Hacks  3 Days workshop


Time : 8 pm onwards

Option Mastery workshop Learning Topics :

  • What is future and options 
  • What are the benefits of trading F&O 
  • How to select correct strike price for higher profits 
  • Option chain introduction 
  • Option chain analysis 
  • Option Greeks (introduction)
  • What is options buying (introduction)
  • What is option selling (introduction)
  • Option buying Strategies 
  • 9:50 Mr. Sharma hack (Full Version)
  • 9:50 equity hack (Full Version)
  • Eagle strategy 
  • 2 Dip rising star strategy 
  • 30 min hack 
  • PCM strategy 
  • Price action option trading strategy 
  • Fibbonacci strategy 

Who can attend : 

Anyone who has basic knowledge of trading and doing option trading already 


“Stop Loosing ,Start Winning” by Learning the Best Profit making Strategies through our Online Workshop



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